Millcotts Complete

Welcome to Millcotts Complete.

We don’t take a rigid approach to what we feed our hounds, and have worked with raw feeding as well as having a  good quality complete alongside – sometimes it just depends on the dog and its individual needs as to what the feeding regime is.

For the past three years our adult hounds have been fed Salmon and Potato Complete and we find it to be an excellent maintenance diet for them.

We are able to supply various Complete feeds under our Millcotts label, clear bagged and Working dog category which keeps the costs down.

See below the varieties which are all in 15kg bags.

Salmon and Potato Working Dog
Working Dog Grain Free Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry 
Working Dog Grain Free Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus
Grain Free Large Breed Working Dog Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry
Working Dog Fish & Potato with Itch-Eeze
Working Dog Grain Free Haddock with Sweet Potato &Parsley
NEW – Grain Free Puppy Salmon, Haddock & Blue Whiting with Sweet Potato & Aspragus
Varieties also available in Small Bites for smaller breeds and also in 12kg bags.

Minimum order is a box containing two 15kg bags and carriage is £4.95 plus VAT per box.
Please email me for current price list .