Date of Birth : 16th January 1995
Date of Death: 5th August 2009 -

Heart clear and cancer free.




Our lovely Star reached 12 yrs 7 months and until the last two or three months of her life had exactly the same routine to her day that she had enjoyed over the latter years of her life. In the end, age was the issue and her ability to lift herself up lessened, she enjoyed a good quality of life over her last weeks with our helping her to stand so that she could potter outside, but in the end it became too exhausting for her and we knew it was time to let go
























Donaghmore Sam Ch. Shadow of Kilmara Int NL L Ch
Nasch from the Good Heath
Int B NL L Ch Miss-Marple from the Good Heath
Donaghmore Destiny Ch Seplecur Danny
Donaghmore Alicia
Ravensbeech Suma Sequendo Mochras Ch Mochras Ipse Facto Ch Seplecur Danny
Clonara Alia
Ravensbeech Merry Westmount Xile of Mochras
Ravensbeech Sar Alain















Tirliffin Donahue of Marumac 9.5 years Tirliffin Washington Tirliffin Prince Philip
Tirliffin Maureen
Fr. Ch. Nostaligie du Grand Chien de Culann Int NL D L DK Ch Cùroí Jazz
Tirliffin Rosalie
Ch. Mallanigh Liberty 9.8 years Ir Ch. Knocknarea Phelix 6.5 years Marumac Feril 7 years
Glenties Aine 8 years
Mallanigh Dawn Magic 7.5 years Ch. Ballyphelan Tarlach Dubh 10 years
Mallanigh Mayah 7 years