Ch. Cornovi Cassian

Toby was our senior male and there is little else I can say about him other than he was wonderful and very deeply set in my heart. His nature so benign and gracious he had n’er a cross word for anyone. Always a dream to show, one of those hounds always so willing to please, he allowed a bond in the show ring I have rarely experienced with any other Wolfhound and was my close companion at home. He was a big well made hound, who moved with a wonderful free action on a loose lead.

Toby was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) at 3 years old, ironically directly after winning CC and BIS at the Irish Wolfhound Championship show – a more bittersweet day I have never had. He remained in a stable condition for 3.5 years with no medication until January 2010. We believe that surgery to remove part of an infected tail hence a general anaesthetic did nothing to help the situation and he tipped into heart failure by March 2010. He was on the usual heart meds and was doing extremely well, until something changed one day and suddenly he became very ill, we could not control the fluid build up which was affecting his internal digestive system and causing repeated gassing, after two days of fighting for him I had to let him go at the end of June that year – never was anything so hard to do.

After his initial diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation I wondered what I could do to strengthen his heart. This is what we did with Toby, we maintained his exercise, a regular 3 mile walk each day as he has always done. We found out what supplements were thought to support heart function and we found some references to research into supplements that concluded that certain supplements may be beneficial, but the dosages they used were extremely high, beyond anything that we could feasibly do. However, we had the help of a Naturopathic Doctor in the US who advised us in the beginning and this is what we have given him on a daily basis from when he was diagnosed.

4000mg Taurine – split over two meals
2000mg Magnesium – split over two meals
400mg CoEnzyme Q10 – one dose
4000mg Fish Oil – split over two meals.

The other supplement we give sometimes (but its expensive) is L-Cartinine – at 2000 mg daily