Ch. Mallanigh Liberty

Libby was a gift from our friends when attempts to progress with our own breeding plans had otherwise failed as they so often can in this breed. She came from the last litter at Mallanigh and through her we re-started with our Cornovi affix. A very tall girl she took a while to come together but when she did she finished a very beautiful hound with wonderfully powerful free movement. When she came into the ring after having her litter, she gained her title fairly quickly and as she never really liked showing we retired her shortly afterwards.

In my opinion, if I was asked to show a photograph of what a Wolfhound should look like – I would choose her.

She was healthy and active until her 9th birthday when Libby had a ‘funny turn’ briefly going off her back legs, this lasted only 10 minutes or so before she recovered, but when she did – her heart was in AF. She had been heart tested clear only three months prior to this.

She suffered a bloat at 9.5 years old and recovered remarkably well for that and we had her for a further 5 months until she suffered an enlarged spleen and died a couple of days after surgery to remove that. She had been so strong and recovered so well previously there was never any question that we would not give her the chance to pull through again, but she died at home on her own bed peacefully with me beside her and for that I am grateful.