The Irish Wolfhound Health Group is working in partnership with the Animal Health Trust (AHT) and Nottingham University to enable research into conditions affecting the breed. The AHT has agreed to store blood samples in order to provide DNA required for such research. We would urge breeders/owners to submit blood samples from their hounds in order that we may all benefit from this in the future.

  1. The Purpose of the repository will be to provide DNA samples for research into health conditions affecting Irish Wolfhounds.
  2. Owners submit samples in the knowledge that it is future members of the breed that are likely to benefit from any research arising and not the dogs from whom they are submitting samples.
  3. DNA samples become the property of the AHT with the proviso that use of the DNA samples and clinical data has to be kept https://www.buyambienmed.com within margins of research programs into canine health issues.
  4. If other research bodies require access to the DNA Samples, then the aims of the research must be put to the Health Group for their agreement for such access to be given.
  5. The data derived from the use of the DNA samples in research is to be used for the benefit of dogs and not commercial organisations seeking to use the information for other purposes.
  6. All information will be confidential.

If your dog is undergoing any investigation that involves a blood sample, for example Livershunt testing puppies - ask your vet to keep any surplus blood for submission to the DNA Storage Program.

Please visit the Irish Wolfhound Health Group website for information on how your dog can submt DNA by a cheek swab to help research into osteosarcoma and heart disease.