Millcotts Complete – A Range of Quality Complete Foods

Welcome to Millcotts Complete.

We began back in 2013 when I was looking for an alternative to Arden Grange which had become quite expensive, especially when feeding 6 or 7 Irish Wolfhounds! We found a manufacturer, one of the biggest in the UK who produce the majority of the branded foods on the market. Our own Wolfhounds did really well on the Salmon and Potato variety.
We began supplying local people, friends and family with our own Millcotts branded products and we concentrate on 15kg bags under the working dog category which is VAT free, the reason for this is to keep costs DOWN as we know people like us want a quality food at an affordable price.
We can keep costs to a minimum as we do not have the overheads of a market brand, and the quality and variations of the completes we offer are excellent! The varieties and flavours available have exploded in recent years in both Grain Free and Non GF, and are available for small breeds also, and in 12kg bags if requested.

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Our aim is to offer at very competitive prices – and also to donate £1 per bag to either Irish Wolfhound Rescue, or Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. Both organisations very dear to our hearts.

We are able to supply various Complete feeds under our Millcotts label.  Our aim is to keep the costs low for you, so please do get in touch for a price list.

See below the varieties which are all in 15kg bags.  Click the product name to see the data sheet of ingredients.

Senior Fish with Rice