The Cornovi Hounds

We hope you enjoy seeing our much loved hounds. Please use the links on the left to meet those we currently have, and those that have left us.

As already mentioned we only keep as many hounds as can live with us as companions so our limit is around seven. We breed only to further the generations, and always keep for ourselves first. The males here used at very limited stud and only to people who are known to us. We tend not to export puppies or semen unless it is to people we know well or are introduced via someone we have confidence in.

I have included information on any health issues we have faced, my view is that if this is helpful to anyone who wishes to compare their own experiences with ours or who is looking for information, if what they find here is useful, then all to the good.

I have also started to put the lifespan ages on the pedigrees – this has to be a major driving force when deciding on a breeding program – to further increase the lifespan of our breed, so noting how long the ancestors lived is part of that process.

It is strange the appeal some hounds have for us, some of them may not fit the standard perfectly, there is no perfect hound anyway, but whatever their faults some just have that ellusive quality that is so hard to put into words but that makes you catch your breath when you look at them and think ‘Magnificent’, such is the draw of the Wolfhounds ~ couple this with an endearing and charming temperament and you have a King of Dogs to capture your heart.